Woman Power (Self Help Group)

Village- Rameshwar, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, Year- 2000-2001

In a community meeting in Rameshwarpur, organized by IMPART through Swajal Project, the women members of the village decided to improve their economic condition. As a first step, they decided to get training in sewing and prepared a list of interested women. Due to large number of interested women, two batches were made. As the Swajal project was to operate and support this program for four months only, they decided to continue the training for another two months at their own cost. One woman trainer from a nearby village started the training program, but the participants were not satisfied with her work. They started looking for a better trainer. An experienced trainer in a town 14 km away from the village was contacted. She was running a sewing training center and giving complete training with a certificate to that effect. She was engaged for giving training in drafting, cutting and stitching of clothes of modern design. The trainer conducted an examination at the end of training program and certificates were issued to successful participants in a function organized in the village at this occasion. The participants presented a wrist watch as gift to the Trainer. IMPART was always there as a guide and facilitator to this SHG.

The women of Mata Sundari Self Help Group in Rameshwarpur village are now preparing clothes of modern standard and selling them in nearby markets. From the savings, they have purchased two embroidery machines and using them for preparation of embroidered clothes. In addition, they are preparing candles and agarbattis and selling the products in the nearby market. In view the promising entrepreneurship exhibited by the women of this village the district administration of Udham Singh Nagar through IMPART provided a grant of Rs 1.5 lakh for construction of one hall and one store room. With consent of the entire village, the hall has been constructed in the Gurudwara premises, to which a contribution of 3.00 lakhs was made by the village community. A sum of Rs 15000/- has been provided by the Swajal Project to start a revolving fund. The women have got a cash credit limit from the Bank. The women of Rameshwarpur village are utilizing their spare time for gainful employment and income generation. They have become a source of inspiration to all other SHGs in Udham Singh Nagar district.