1.) How old is IMPART ?
IMPART was established in 1995.

2.) Why was IMPART established ?
IMPART was established by Late Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra with the vision to uplift the underprivileged sections of society, women, children, poorest of poor, tribes, migrants, laborers, etc.

3.) What is so unique and different about IMPART ? How is it different from other NGOs working?
IMPART is successfully finishing its second decade of dedicated services towards rural and urban development with strong commitment, mission and vision. In these years; IMPART has completed several development projects in different parts of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh successfully. Project beneficiaries accept that there has been significant change in their lives on account of development interventions initiated by IMPART.

4.) What are the causes IMPART works towards ?
IMPART works towards sustainable development and equal opportunity to all, with special focus on women and children. IMPART integrates development issues i.e. natural resource management, environmental sanitation, education, health & hygiene, income generation, rural infrastructure development, sports, arts and culture. We not only motivate, mobilize and influence but also undertake development work right from conceptualization to impact assessment.

5.) Why do you work on many causes together, instead of just focusing on a chosen few ?
IMPART believes all the causes are interconnected, when we start working on one issue, we needs to consider all interconnected issues, to reach the real root cause. We take in consideration all the factors affecting a cause, we work towards. Like when we need to raise the health status of a particular village, we first need to raise the level of hygiene and environmental sanitation of that village by organizing a lot of awareness camps and meetings, as well as provide safe drinking water to prevent water born diseases. Similarly, we need to help the villagers to raise their financial status to maintain and use such facility in sustainable manner, so we introduce and train villagers for income generating activities.

6.) How many projects have you done till now and how many are going on ? How many people you have reached through these projects ?
Since inception, IMPART has completed nearly 51 development projects in Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh and is currently running 15 projects on different issues in Uttarakhand. IMPART has reached about more than 1 million people through its work since 1995.

7.) Having worked for so many years, what new are you looking for ?
IMPART has been using puppet shows, skits, magic shows to help awareness reach more people. IMPART realizes the strength of artistic medium for awareness building. Now IMPART has decided to move towards plays and films and use this artistic and electronic medium to reach masses as well as start working towards preserving and developing different forms of arts.

8.) How do we ensure that whatever we will donate will be used correctly ?
IMPART has a team of accountants and development professionals, who makes sure that all money that reaches IMPART is well used for sustainable development. Every year, we get our accounts audited by competent Charted Accountant and Auditors. Money is used wisely and for the right cause.

9.) Do you get any financial support from government ?
Most of the projects run by IMPART as of now have been associated with Government in some way or other.

10.) How can one get associated with IMPART ?
IMPART always look for volunteers and employees in different fields to contribute in its journey. Apart from this, one can donate to strengthen IMPART’s mission and vision. As we are working for various causes simultaneously, therefore one can choose any cause of their choice, for which their donation has to be utilized.

11.) Do you give exceptional support to some causes ?
Yes. Though, IMPART works as a non-activist organisation but if needed IMPART is always there standing for all right causes.