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If you have an idea which you think can be used in a particular part of India for any kind of development falling under IMPART’s forte. We are more than happy to know your idea and make a project in collaboration with you. Whether an individual or an organization, let’s get associated for a good cause and go ahead for all.


Volunteerism or volunteer services have been part of virtually every civilization and society. Defined in broad terms it is the contribution made by individuals in terms of quality time, specialized skills, fiscal support, etc. This entails varied shades and actions ranging from well-being of the neighbours, the community or the society at large.

It is also the basis for a load of activities of development organizations and institutions alike. IMPART also intimately links a number of activities in its operational areas depending upon volunteer efforts.

Current Volunteer Requirements-

Doctors, teachers, individuals or students who want to make a contribution.

Development Agencies

IMPART establishes partnerships and builds networks with national and international development agencies with the prime objective to connect to their domain expertise, resources, and strengths, with its own developmental initiatives undertaken at the grassroots level.

Along with the expansion and strengthening of existing programmes, Alliances at IMPART, focuses also on bringing innovations in its programmes through this association with the developmental sectors of the world.
Many prominent development agencies, donor organizations, academic institutions, confederations and associations across India have joined hands with IMPART to further its development initiatives.


The very foundation of IMPART was laid on the realization of our Social Responsibility to give back to the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimensions in the recent years. Today, companies are proactively taking up this good hearted investment and giving a social value to all their business endeavours.

In India, though corporates have a strong will to dedicate their resources for a social cause, they find it difficult to reach the right people considering the demography and diverse social problems of the country.

The uniqueness of IMPART lies in its transparency, credibility and effective leadership. IMPART’s governance structure has a yearly audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure right use of money.

IMPART is a non-Government social organization registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, FCRA, 12 A and 80G of IT Act.


We are the future of a nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of the deprived holds the key to the progress of the nation. It is only through the education and introduction of new technologies that we can address problems regarding healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights.

At IMPART we strongly believe that the desired changes in the lives of these underprivileged citizens around us will come, only when more and more privileged people proactively participate in finding solutions to problems.

In our journey so far, we have received immense support from numerous individuals across all ages and segments.
We appreciate the valuable contribution of all our supporters. However, to further expand our reach, we seek more such participation in our welfare initiatives for the less privileged women, children and youth of the country.


Armed with a spirit to make a difference, the key thrust areas for intervention support are Women and Child Development, Education, Health and   Advocacy.

In its endeavour to achieve its mission through key thrust areas, impart supports projects in partnership with individuals and institutions. Besides financial assistance, support is also extended in the spheres of training and materials, infrastructure and organization development. The various types of support extended by IMPART are as follows:

  • Reproductive and Child Health
  • Integrated Child development & Nutrition
  • Women Empowerment & Gender
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Poverty eradication
  • Agriculture Development
  • Art, Culture, Drama, Theater and Film making
  • Training and Capacity Building


It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.

The media today encompasses essentially every component of the society. And in a way, that it is nearly impossible to remain ignorant anymore. It plays a major role in developing opinions or preferences, interpretation of how people see the world around them, purchase decisions, etc.

Most importantly, the media brings awareness to the people. That awareness triggers thinking. And only when the privileged ones think seriously about their role play in development of the deprived, will they participate in it. The media fraternity has given IMPART overwhelming support so far. Without their advocacy it would have been very difficult for Smile to reach out to all those needy and deserving children through its welfare initiatives.

However, to further expand our reach, we seek more such support from the fraternity and all its affiliates.