Two Brothers and Drugs

Kiccha, District- Udham Singh Nagar, 2009-2010

Story belongs to a middle class family having their own grocery store, but unfortunately both sons addicted to injected drugs. Both the sons were brought up with all the essentials available to them but they fell into wrong company and even started stealing and selling household items to serve their craving. They got their parents on road and the days of misery and poverty begin. Younger brother started working at a local petrol pump to have money to get drugs and shared it with the elder one.

IMPART working with Uttarakhand State AIDS Control board under the Targeted Intervention Program for Injected drug users (I.D.Us) came across this story. So, IMAPRT’S T.I. Team approached both the sons and their family and told them about the way they can help. Slowly-slowly IMAPRT under the supervision of Mr. Shyam Narayn Dubey started taking these young lads under their confidence and got their H.I.V tests done as well. Then we started getting them in our D.I.C (Drop In Centre for entertainment and recreational activity) and started counselling them. We got the elder brother to get ready to go to Drug Deduct Centre (Rehabilitation Centre) but he won’t go without younger brother.

When we tried to take younger brother with us as well, we realized the petrol pump owner has kept him as slave and won’t let him go. He made him work for 24 hours, never paid him enough, kept accusing him of stealing for keeping him and almost kept him as a prisoner. Even after repeated requests from the parents when the petrol pump owner didn’t let him go, then IMPART with the help of a lawyer and some good citizens got him freed from there.

Then the IMPART team spoke to Dehradun Drug Deduct Centre (Rehabilitation centre) and sent them both along with all their reports and counselors to Dehradun Drug Deduct Centre at IMPART’s cost.

Three months from then, when both the brothers returned they were changed human beings. Now, the elder brother works at a company and the younger one helps his father with the grocery shop.

Not only both the brothers are living a drug free life but also a happy family life.

Their parents are happy and have only good to say about life now.